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outrageHelke Ferrie’s CREATIVE OUTRAGE is an astonishing account of the rot in our medical system controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and supported by our regulatory authorities. It describes the plight of millions caught in a system that allows the pharmaceutical industry to create drugs simply for huge profits. For a long time, complementary MDs and their patients have known that something is wrong with the system because patients are not getting better. Of course, it is no wonder that people remain sick when at least 75% of the research, on which the standard of current medical system is based, is fraudulent. Our sickness maintenance system is running out of money and public trust. Helke’s book shows elegantly how and why the system is sick, and her research is supported by prestigious journals and institutions.

I remain cautiously optimistic and believe that individuals will stand up for themselves and their children to overcome the  system’s fear-mongering, ask questions about drug toxicity, and demand access to non-toxic solutions which are already available. Doctors and the public have to demand the return of uncorrupted research in our Universities and insist on medical students learning to treat the causes of illness, not just symptoms for the profit of the medical industry. We need Ministries of Health to encourage and support truly scientific medicine and who will demand accountability from regulatory bodies, like Health Canada and the provincial Colleges controlling doctors’ licenses which block progress in medicine. This book needs to be read by everyone who hopes for a true health care and wants to escape this disease-care and illness-promoting system.

Dr. Jozef Krop, MD, HD
Author of Healing the Planet One Patient At A Time (Kos)

Helke Ferrie’s CREATIVE OUTRAGE is an enormous gift to millions of alternative-medicine seekers who instinctively want to follow their gut warnings about psychiatric and other harmful drugs. Today, in the USA, even grade-school children are being “identified” as needing ADHD drugs and anti-depressants in order to remain in school, and the elderly are kept in a stupor on their 20 plus daily toxic drugs.

In my own work, I have witnessed the extraordinary healing power initiated when supplying the brain with those natural chemicals that toxic drugs deplete. We restore alcoholics and addicts to normal well-being and lift them out of lifelong depression, anxiety, and cure even schizophrenia in those who haven’t been damaged too much after years of anti-psychotic drug treatment. Dr. Abram Hoffer predicted, when he observed our first Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, that we had created the first orthomolecular treatment for addiction — that was 30 years ago. Today, our work reaches patients worldwide. I share Helke Ferrie’s outrage about so many people suffering (and dying) needlessly because of the pharmaceutical industry and their drug peddling doctors. Thank you, Helke, for your invaluable treasure of facts and resource information. This is the ammunition the public is waiting for!

Joan Matthews Larson, PhD
Director, Health Recovery Centers, author of bestsellers
Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression-Free Naturally
(Ballantine Books)

ISBN 978-0-9811337-3-7

To download “Creative Outrage” for free, click here.

Table of Contents

Preface: Shiv Chopra
Preface: Carolyn Dean
Preface: Charlotte Gerson

Introduction: The Uses of Creative Outrage

Section 1 — Regulation—the Grand Deception

The Tyranny of Government ‘Protection’
Health Canada’s War On Natural Health
Wake Up, Canada!
The Irrational Factor In Medical Regulation
And Ontario’s 2011 Complementary Medicine Policy
Lyme Disease

Section 2 — The Human Life Support System

The Reach Treaty
Biotech Food Fights and the Future of Food
The Five Pillars Of Food Safety By Shiv Chopra EMF Protection

Section 3 — Cancer
The War on Cancer: Anatomy of Failure
Forced Medicine
Asbestos—Canada’s Politics Of Death
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and His Clinical Trial
The Gerson Therapy and the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer Development

Section 4 — Old Truths In New Ideas

Vitamin D—Nature’s Magic Bullet
The Birth of a Star—Dr. A. Gaby’s Magnum Opus
J. Prousky’s Textbook of Integrative Clinical Nutrition

Section 5 — Toxic Medicine

Progress The Hard Way
Medical Fraud
Toxic Psychiatry

Section 6 — “Have the Courage to Use Your Own Reason!”

The Intelligent Revolution
Understanding Propaganda
Re-Occupy Your Body
2012 — A Year of Revelations In Healthcare
Navigating Mine Fields Cheerfully
Now What The Heck Do I Do With All This Information?
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