What Part of NO Don’t They Understand:

What Part of No! Don’t They Understand was written in 2008 to provide a tool for the public to object to the then imminent passage of Bill C-51 and Bill C-52. The first bill was designed to amend the Food and Drugs Act of Canada, the second to amend the Hazardous Products Act. The federal government’s plan was clear if one read those bills: to provide a blank cheque to the drug, agricultural, and hazardous products industries to enable their profits to grow and to do so with total disregard for human health and environmental integrity.

By pure luck it so happened that the first 2 copies of this book were personally delivered to the Prime Minister’s office on the day of the book’s publication. A copy was sent to every MP and Senator in Ottawa with a personal covering letter.

When this book was published, large public rallies against these bills were held many times throughout 2008 in all major cities in Canada. These bills were also opposed by the NDP whose MPs staged an effective filibuster campaign. The bills died on the order papers and the Harper government regrouped and achieved their ends, i.e. deregulation of constitutionally required safeguards, by tagging their most important handouts to the industry onto their budget bill in 2012 after achieving a majority.

While the public’s wishes were once again ignored and the corporate agenda supported, this book did help to create increased public awareness. The articles attached to each legal item discussed in this book are still relevant today and may be of help to interested readers who know that “everything personal has become political”, as Gloria Steinem famously said some years back.

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